We build technology at Zerodha, India's largest stock broker.

Logging at Zerodha

Our migration story from ELK to using Clickhouse and Vector for our logging pipeline
Karan Sharma Karan Sharma Software Engineer

23 Mar 2023

User disengagement

User disengagement is the product and business development philosophy we follow at Zerodha, the anti-thesis of user "engagement".

06 May 2022

From Native to React Native to Flutter

Our journey and experiences with native, React Native, and Flutter and why we finally bet on Flutter for building critical financial apps in 2018 even when it was alpha.
Ajin Asokan Ajin Asokan Software Engineer

17 Jan 2022

Scaling with common sense #2: Being future ready.

An assortment of common sense ideas and practices that we follow at Zerodha for being future ready with our software, systems, and our organisation.

28 Jul 2021

Working with PostgreSQL

Our experience running large multi-terabyte PostgreSQL DBs in production with hundreds of billions of rows with minimal resources.
Satya "10x" Sarangi Satya "10x" Sarangi Software Engineer

22 Apr 2021

A lesson in creating and using niche business DSLs at scale

How we incrementally built a business rule validation engine to keep up with the changing business and regulatory environment, starting with a custom DSL, and ended up writing a framework to manage rules written in Go and distribute them as pure Go plugins.
Rohan Verma Rohan Verma Software Engineer

24 Nov 2020

Alar: The making of an open source dictionary

The story of a massive Kannada dictionary created by V. Krishna single handedly over four decades, and its accidental discovery and open sourcing at an unlikely place, a stock brokerage.

22 Sep 2020

Scaling with common sense

A disorderly assortment of common sense ideas for scaling applicaions that we follow at Zerodha. TLDR: Simple scales. Scale application before infra. Keep networking and IO minimal.

14 Jun 2020

Infrastructure monitoring with Prometheus at Zerodha

How we developed a hybrid multi-DC and cloud monitoring stack with Prometheus, Grafana, and Victoria metrics for monitoring system, app and service, and also business metrics.
Karan Sharma Karan Sharma Software Engineer

27 Apr 2020

Hello, World!

TLDR: 30 member tech team formed over seven years built India's largest stock broker. Unconventional setup. The long pending tech blog is finally here. Some backstory and context.

06 Apr 2020