FOSS projects out of Zerodha.

  • listmonk

    ★ 8032

    High performance, self-hosted, newsletter and mailing list manager with a modern dashboard. Single binary app.

  • csvtotable

    ★ 989

    Simple command-line utility to convert CSV files to searchable and sortable HTML table.

  • koanf

    ★ 978

    Simple, lightweight, extensible, configuration management library for Go. Support for JSON, TOML, YAML, env, command line, file, S3 etc. Alternative to viper.

  • otpgateway

    ★ 256

    Standalone server for user address and OTP verification flows with pluggable providers (e-mail, SMS, bank penny drops etc.)

  • sql-jobber

    ★ 189

    A highly opinionated, distributed job-queue built specifically for queuing and executing heavy SQL read jobs asynchronously. Supports MySQL, Postgres, ClickHouse.

  • kubekutr

    ★ 149

    Cookie cutter templating tool for scaffolding K8s manifests

  • stuffbin

    ★ 112

    Compress and embed static files and assets into Go binaries and access them with a virtual file system in production

  • simples3

    ★ 86

    Simple no frills AWS S3 Golang Library using REST with V4 Signing (without AWS Go SDK)

  • calert

    ★ 76

    Send alert notifications to Google Chat via Prometheus Alertmanager

  • fastglue

    ★ 70

    Fastglue is an opinionated, bare bones wrapper that glues together fasthttp and fasthttprouter to act as a micro HTTP framework.

  • A frappe app to upload file attachments in doctypes to s3.

  • Live streaming option chain for equity derivatives using Kite connect Websocket based on redis.

  • autopilot

    ★ 58

    A test driver for Flutter to do QA testing without sharing app source code.

  • A tiny Javsacript library for sideloading static assets on pages and caching them in the browser's IndexedDB for longer-term storage.

  • slim-ui

    ★ 51

    Simple components library used for building lightweight vuejs projects

  • simplesessions is a "pure" Go session library that is completely agnostic of HTTP libraries and frameworks, backend stores, and even cookie jars.

  • linkpage

    ★ 43

    LinkPage is a FOSS self-hosted alternative to link listing websites such as LinkTree and

  • Flutter plugin to use libcurl for HTTP calls

  • pfxsigner

    ★ 40

    A CLI utility and web server for digitally signing PDFs with docsign loaded from PFX (PKCS#12) files

  • rbiparser

    ★ 39

    A utility for downloading, parsing and sanitizing bank database (IFSC, MICR, address etc.) Excel sheets from the RBI website.

  • Flutter plugin to detect when app(not Flutter container) goes to background or foreground

  • lil

    ★ 34

    Simple URL shortener built with Go

  • recharge

    ★ 31

    Recharge is a simple library to hot reload your Dart code on file changes

  • A small utility to download all dashboards from Grafana and backup to S3

  • Utility to extract metrics from arbitary data stores in Prometheus format

  • gotp

    ★ 22

    Simple utility to live preview Go templates with custom data

  • goyesql

    ★ 22

    P SQL files with multiple named queries and automatically prepare and scan them into structs.

  • StoreKeeper is an easy and flexible state management system for Flutter apps

  • nomctx

    ★ 20

    Faster way to switch between clusters and namespaces in nomad

  • Terraform provider for managing long term portfolio with Zerodha Kite

  • An events collection agent which processes Nomad Events and dumps to external sink providers like HTTP

  • pdf_text_overlay is a python library to write text on top of pdf.

  • shelf

    ★ 18

    A Good Symlinks Manager

  • Frappe app to replace default text editor with tinymce

  • AWS Cost Explorer and EC2 Instance metrics exporter for Prometheus

  • Lightweight HTTP server to handle webhooks from listmonk and forward it to different messengers.

  • An extremely tiny utility for unmarshalling and scanning querystrings into structs

  • Commandline utility to convert config formats like TOML, JSON, YAML etc to KV Pairs which can be imported via consul cli.

  • A utility that parse Zerodha Consolidated google spreadsheets and render category-wise scrip details(margins, multiplier, etc)

  • Simple frappe app to setup Single sign-on for discourse

  • Frappe client written in Go

  • Subscription discount coupon code manager

  • Osticket plugin to assign tickets automatically to random agents based on teams, department, and activity

  • Tiny lib for exposing health-check endpoints as Prometheus/JSON format

  • Utility to create a export a service registry Markdown file from Kong's config

  • A utility to archive all closed tickets beyond a certain age to disk (including attachments) and delete them from the database. The tickets are archived as JSON files.

  • Set of utilities to do deployments in an EKS cluster

  • Vagrant based setup for local Nomad/Consul clusters. Helpful for experimenting with Nomad job specs in an environment similar to production.

  • Tasqueue is a simple, lightweight distributed job/worker implementation in Go

  • Simple FAQ generator for Zerodha Kite connect Forum